red light vintage

Red Light Vintage is a Seattle cultural heritage institution. They are a small locally owned business and like to support the community around them including local artists, musicians and organizations.

How might we honor and visually communicate the brands core identity to make it instantly recognizable across all touchpoints?  




10 Weeks
Branding, Layout, Social Strategy
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

why rebrand

Our goal is to visually communicate Red Light’s position, values and uniqueness to better gain awareness, build relationships with the target audience and increase sales.

brand positioning

Since 1996 Red Light Vintage has been Seattle’s biggest vintage clothing store that offers quality, one of a kind, vintage items. We offer an inclusive shopping experience and support local artists and musicians.

brand promise

We believe in being an inclusive place where you can be inspired to find your personal style. That is why we offer curated items that are as unique as the individuals that purchase them.

research and demographics

A large demographic for the store is a younger crowd has been drawn to the store after seeing all the 80’s fashion on Stranger Things. Not wanting to look like everyone else that shops at the Gap is a big motivator of this audience. People, who like history, appreciate one of a kind quality, vintage clothing.

brand guide

My hope for this redesign is instant recognition of a Seattle institution across all touch points. I wanted to honor the brands independent and rebellious spirit as well as it's reputation for curating unique and high quality items.

The logo, with the sharpie pen scratched background and the imperfectly filled in red lettering represent the beauty in the imperfect, bold and defiant. The typography and colors are also a nod to the brands origins in 90's Seattle.


The website home page is an evolving inspirational branded collage. The main outlet for online shopping is the instagram page. the website functions as a starter point to lead you to the instagram page. 


The Red Light Vintage Instagram is the main tool for online purchases. Instagram is used to increase brand awareness through consistent branded photography, motion and video.