A wine delivery service making wine easy and fun, with transparent pricing and clear terms.





9 Weeks
Art Direction, Brand Identity, UX Research, Personas, layout
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Susannah Ellis
Anastasiia Gulimonova

problem to solve

How might we create a wine subscription service for people who are overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect of choosing a bottle of wine? Can we create an engaging and fun way to purchase wine for people that don't know anything about wine?


Create a brand with a founder that our users can identify with and trust. A brand built on non-comformity where drinking wine is another way our users are breaking with the status quo. Make the online buying experience easy, entertaining and enriching.

our breakthrough moment

We thought about centering the brand around a founder, an ex musician from Seattle, who in his travels discovered and learned everything about wine. This solves for relatability, tone of voice and aesthetics. With this founder at the center everything came into clear focus.

mood board

user personas

questionnaire extraordinaire

With our onboarding questionnaire we find out about our customers preferences in taste. We offer suggestions based on preferences. We also get to share our independent business model and offer a great value.

the unboxing process

For the unboxing process it was important to us to include a magazine to surprise and delight the customer. For the user to be able to experience the Flight Club world, have a sense of community and start to redefine what a wine drinker is like.

marketing and social stategy

For the full brand experience we created a music festival. Where Flight Clubbers can go relax, enjoy our wine and have a great time listening to local music. Through our social media channels we are sure to create a strong emotional bond with our customers creating a quality and loyal relationship.

Flight Club Rules

no snobbery
no meaningless terms
no judgement
local, fun and accessible
transparent prices and clear terms
and seriously, no snobbery