Club Capri Spritz

Dreaming of warmer climates is hard to resist.
Introducing a sparkling wine cocktail inspired by nostalgic days spent in the sun and swimming in the mediterranean sea.

9 weeks
Branding, Art Direction, Packaging Design
Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop

Origin Story

A modern twist on a nostalgic drink. A simple cocktail yes, but its associations with luxury, sophistication and Italianness show us that cocktail drinkers still want to feel fancy and imbibe on something special.

Typically an Aperol Spritz is had before dinner as an aperitif, to stimulate the appetite. Very similar to a happy hour.

With Club Capri you can have the Aperol Spritz experience with convenience. No need to be a mixologist to transport your senses to summers in Italy.

Guiding Principles


Club Capri Website

The site features a blog with fun stories about Italy, a guide to garnishes and aperitivo culture. It also offers ways to be involved in the community including virtual happy hours. Highlighted here is the accessories shop full of perfect things to help you enjoy your Club Capri Spritz time.

Club Capri Imbibers

"There's a movement in America towards not getting totally drunk, where you can sit out in the afternoon and still be able to function." Oertel said. "It's a very European idea." CNN money