Ms Wood

Ms Wood is a clothing, shoe and accessories designer.  Best known for her kimono sleeves, platform shoes and distinctive leather accessories. We collaborated for three of her collections where I did the Art Direction of her look books and videos.




3 weeks
Art Direction of photo, video and print.


PRE PRODUCTION: Partner with the designer to concept the art direction of the look book and video for each collection. Present story boards and inspire the creative team.

Cast for models, location scout, photographer choice, music selection.

ON SET: Lead Art Direction of creative crew, foster positive communication,image selection and cropping  within the set time limits.

POST PRODUCTION: Oversee video editing, approve final images, layout the look book, delivery of assets to printers, press check.


Photographed with polaroid film, the final product for the lookbook is a 5x8 hardbound leather case filled with individual images printed on heavy card stock.